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PowerPackXL Emergency Phone Chargers

Welcome to PowerPackXL - PowerPackXL Ltd, is a small, independent UK based company who design, manufacture and distribute emergency phone charging equipment.

Our range of chargers are premium quality.  You may notice they're more expensive than some of the cheap nasty ones you find on auction sites, there's a reason for this:  All our products are RoHS, CE, & FC approved (meaning our products are independently tested for safety), we have product liability insurance, public liability insurance, we're registered for VAT & Taxes, we're registered with the Environment Agency as battery producers (we report our waste to them under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009), we offer a no quibble 12-month warranty, we have UK customer service via phone or email, basically, we're a proper company supplying proper products! In other words you get what you pay for - buy cheap buy twice.

Our ethos is simple - We design innovative, ground breaking products that are the best quality and value in the market place and work to the principal that the customer is always right - Proof of this is within our 5* reviews where our customers praise us for our care.  Our simple yet effective product range uses quality, premium materials combined with our on-trend design flair - we're a brand that people love. We are based in Cambridge, UK, which is well known throughout the World as leaders in technology.  Our manufacturing is based in China, where we conduct research, development and build our range. We offer World Wide shipping and also sell via a network of retailers globally.

PowerPackXL Mini

PowerPackXL Mini£24.95   £19.95

NEW - Credit Card Sized Emergency Phone Charger.

If you're fed up of carrying a bigger battery pack or worse still NONE at all, the PowerPackXL-Mini is for you!  It's designed to fit in your wallet or purse and is the same dimensions as a credit card, yet will give your smartphone the boost it needs in an emergency!

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PowerPackXL Medium

PowerPackXL Medium£39.95   £21.95

PowerPackXL - Don't suffer a flat smartphone

This Emergency Phone Charger is ideal for charging your device a couple of times from a single cycle.

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PowerPackXL-XXL£89.95   £59.95

Here's our most powerful charger - an 18,000Mah charger that comes complete with charging pins for all phones, laptops and even some jump leads that can start your car's flat battery. All complete in a leatherette carry case.



PowerPen integrated pen, touchscreen stylus, lightening connector and USB. This cleverly engineered pen has an integrated iPhone lightening connector to charge your device on the go. No excuses for not having a charger!